Thursday, March 8, 2007

Blues Traveler, Loggins & Collins - Oh my!

Today, it seems there is an abundance of news about bands/artists you may not care about at all. Well, here at TGG there is no such thing as a celebrity we don't care about, so we're here to give you a quick run down on the lives of has-beens (and Kenny Loggins & Phil Collins, who we believe are still going strong! Would you consider that...wait for it...'What a Fool Believes'?)

He was fat, now he's...not as fat, and arrested! He's John Popper! From the band Blues Traveler! Remember that harmonica playing ska-hippie? He was arrested for driving 111 mph and they found the following in his car: weed, 4 rifles, 9 handguns, a switchblade knife, a taser, and night vision goggles. His vehicle was also equipped with flashing emergency headlights, a siren, and a public address system. Popper was gonna save us all in the event of a natural disaster (read: rapture) but you a-hole cops screwed that all up. I always envisioned the end times as me and my horde of gays hiding in my basement, being comforted by the sweet sounds of John Popper driving up and down the road, playing his harmonica and shooting his guns in the air. I guess it will have to remain a dream.


Kenny Loggins was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!!! No? He wasn't? Okay - Kenny Loggins gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!!! No? What the hell is he doing then? Oh, I guess he was inducted into something called the Hollywood RockWalk, which is the poor man's "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/Walk of Fame". It's okay, Loggins. You still rule my heart. And, you can thank Yacht Rock for any and all upcoming success.


And finally, as a "Welcome to the blog!" gift for Girl #2 -

GENESIS IS TOURING AGAIN! WITH PHIL COLLINS!!! Sans Peter Gabriel, but who needs Gabriel's sad bastard "I wish I was African" ass when you have PHIL COLLINS! The first Genesis album without Gabriel sold more than any previous Genesis album, so IN YOUR FACE GABRIEL! Girl #2 will be there, trying to sneak backstage and give Phil the ol' 'Chaldean Reacharound', so I hope you are in shape Phil. She doesn't eff around.


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