Friday, March 9, 2007

Another reason to hate the French

Does anyone know who that dude on the right is? A show of hands, please. No one knows who that is? Well, everyone, meet Francois-Henri Pinault. Francois is a businessman who has knocked up and will soon be married to Salma Hayek. This really upsets me. I'm not a dude, or a lesbian, but no one can deny the crazy hotttness of Salma Hayek. That latina and her titties can get any guy in the entire world, and she chooses him??? She clearly does not deserve her body. That bitch could be running the world right now if she played her cards right. World Emperor Hayek could demand all sorts of ridiculous things like "The new world currency will be cheese!" and everyone would be say, "THAT IS MADNESS!" and then World Emperor Hayek would just need to flash one single boob and suddenly we'd be paying for our cheese with cheese. Even though she's been seen looking like this lately:

It doesn't matter. Everyone still wanted to do her until she went for the worst possible option available to her. Okay, maybe this guy is worse:

But right after him it's the French guy she picked. Here's hoping the unborn Hayek spawn has a bit more sense, and a just as fabulous rack. Even if it's a boy. Oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS!!!



How cute! Tony Parker thinks he can rap!


Anne said...

He must have a great personality and a giant dick.

Jellybean Sunshine said...

He actually has billions of dollars. He runs PPR which is this huge conglomerate that owns (Gucci, Bottega Veneta, YSL, Stella M., Balenciaga...etc...etc...) So even if the marriage doesn't work, that baby ensures her like a few billions of dollars.