Friday, March 2, 2007

Another Perk of Dating Puffy!

If you are lucky enough to date or bone Puffy, you are also lucky enough to shave his balls for him. You are also lucky enough to bone for 28 hours. But let's cover one thing at a time...first, the ball shaving. In an article found here, Puffy talks about how he likes his ladies to help him make his balls as smooth as eggs. A direct quote from Puffy would sound something like this:

"I shave down there. I do it myself - or I have my young lady help me, because I don't want to get no nicks."

Let's hope that the "young lady" that he is referring to is Kim Porter, and not one of his twin baby girls. I would assume that if you can get over the whole "infantile lack of control" thing, a baby would be really good at ball shaving. They certainly have the small hands needed for the precision that Puffy is looking for. Especially if Puffy would get over the smoothness and go for a more "artsy" take on his pubes. I would like it if Puffy would shave a "P" into his nutsack hair, but that's just my personal preference.

I would not like, however, to have sex for 28 hours. I'm sorry, I wouldn't. That is a LONG time...more than a day of straight up boning.

Diddy, 37, recently boasted his sex sessions with Kim have lasted up to 28 hours, and claimed they have experimented with tantric sex.

If there is such a thing as too much boning, this is definitely it. I enjoy boning during the day, (I mean...WHO DOESN'T? AM I RIGHT? HIGH-FIVES FOR SEX!) but I also like to do other things, like eat and sleep, to name a few. I certainly wouldn't want Puffy's bald balls slapping me for 28 hours straight. Ouch.



Anonymous said...

Ewwww on so many levels.

Anne said...

Ball shaving freaks me out. What if one POPPED OUT?

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