Friday, March 2, 2007

And that makes number 4 for Angie Jo

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Our beloved Angie Jo is adopting another baby
. She spun the globe and it landed in the southeast Asian country known as Vietnam. To even out her brood she's getting another boy. Now I feel like she is discriminating against the Asian girls. Boys are well cherished in the Asian countries, she is only further promoting female Asian genocide, don't you think? Working my connections at the Vietnamese Embassy, I got this letter from the adopted boy...

Dear Mami,

I love you for saving me. I will no longer eat cockroaches and only wear LV. I sleep on only 1000 count egyptian cotton and my friends will be Kingston and Jayden James. Please make that happen.

Love Always, Xoddam

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1 comment:

Jellybean Sunshine said...

yo where was jolie 20 years ago when the hottest shit was adopting out of s. korea?