Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The American Dream by Dina Lohan

In case you mistakenly believed that the American Dream still could be summed up by exploiting illegal immigrants in order to make your millions, Dina Lohan is here to drop some knowledge on you. Dina Lohan believes that she is the American Dream, and has resorted to exploiting her own daughter for fame and fortune. Nice move, Mama Lohan - keep it in the family. It's about time she cleared the air and took an opportunity presented by Harper's Bazaar to show the world just how classy she is. You don't like the way she parents? Dina doesn't give an eff. "I'm living the American dream, and you can go . . .". Here are some other fine highlights from the interview:

In the interview in the April issue, the 44-year-old Lohan described how she's more like a sister to her fire-haired daughter - going out to clubs with her and even wearing her old Prada jacket and Jimmy Choo boots.

"If you can button it and clip it when you're in your 40s, you're going out," she said as she put her hand in the air to solicit a high-five from the Harper's reporter.

In response, the reporter quickly shifted his eyes to the side, bit his bottom lip and manged to muster an "Uuuhhh..." as he questionably lifted his hand in high-five motion. Dina then slapped it furiously while screaming "WHOOOO! WHOOOOOOOO!" and followed her victorious gesture by finishing off the case of champagne she brought to the interview. She likes to keep it classy, what can we say? To hear more of what this insane woman had to say, you can go here. I actually recommend that you do, bitch is crazy. I mean, she said Paris Hilton was smart. Really smart, at that. Dina Lohan for President 2K8.

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ray said...

and that is why i am having children.... so eventually when they grow-up and make a whole bunch of money i can live the good life. thats a good enough reason for kids, well, that and in case i ever need a kidney. right?