Monday, March 19, 2007

The #1 reason I'm excited for high rise jeans

I love fashion. No matter how absolutely ridiculous people look, they will continue to wear anything that someone else has deemed "cool". High-Rise jeans: Not.Cool. But this year, everyone will think that they are and all the dumb sluts will start wearing them. And I will laugh and laugh. The only thing I'm not looking forward to about this trend is the obscene amount of camel-toe that we will certainly be subjected to. Thank you, Fergie Ferg, for managing to successfully pull off looking like an asshole, without making me see a denim outline of your london bridge.



ray said...

im pretty sure if you look closely at the crotch area you can see the bulge of her penis.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that she still has no children but manages to pull off that I've been used abused and let a couple slip out my vagina look lol shes so HIT! barfed in my mouth...gross lol