Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why do people refuse to wear shoes?

Here is a picture of Joss Stone at the Brit Awards last night (God I hate this ho):

Now, we all can plainly see that her outfit is a hideous mess, so I'm not even going to comment on this (if you'd like to read a brief commentary on this outfit, head on over to Go Fug Yourself). No, I bring this up to talk more about the lack of wearing shoes. Joss was wearing shoes last night, but unfortunately, Paul Kim of American Idol announced last night that every performance of his from this point on will be barefoot.

Why did this Asian just ruin everything he had going for him by making such a poor decision? Dude, you are a good singer, you are a good looking guy...why would you claim being barefoot as "your thing"? You are going to be in LA, do you know how many people (in general) have either vomited, shat upon, or pissed on the ground that your bare feet are walking on? My American Idol will be wearing shoes, thank you very much.

Sigh, if you are lame like me, and still watching American can go here to see the top 24. I'm rooting for Lakisha Jones for the ladies, and it's a tie between Sanjaya Malakar (I was surprised to learn that he can "independently raise both corners of [his] upper lip" from his profile. I'm not quite sure what that means, exactly...but I'm interested!) and Chris Sligh (although I was truly disappointed to see SKA-HIPPIE and lead singer for the Counting Crows - Adam Duritz listed as not only one of his favorite male pop artists, but also as one of his heroes. He's your hero, man?) Could it be...that Chris a SKA-HIPPIE???!!! No...I refuse to make such an accusation so early on in the season...but we shall see, Chris Sligh...WE.SHALL.SEE!!!

So, I know all y'all are watching this shit. Don't lie. What are your thoughts thus far? Let's have a discussion, in the comments! And in keeping with the Southern drawl, don't pretend like you don't have an axe to grind! Talk to me about American Idol and I'll just be as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine!

And...for the biggest American Idol fan I is a video of Chris Sligh and others during Hollywood week. Can I say that I'm way over the gay-beatboxer already? Especially after reading this on his profile:

Do you have any lucky charms?

2 of them, and they’re in my pants right now.

I'm assuming he's referring to his balls, and while I appreciate his honesty, I don't want to hear about his "lucky charms" ever again.


Molly said...

thank you and you're welcome!


Molly said...

i'm pretty pleased with the Idol kids this season. Chris Sligh is my early favorite, because he's freaky-looking (requirement to be my favorite on the show, see: Hicks, Taylor, and also, Lewis, Jon-Peter [not freaky-looking, but a spazz] and... Aiken, Clayton [to my own deep shame]). I like all the girls and boys except Sway 2.0 (Barefoot Asian-- he has a meh voice) and Antonella of the BFF Trio of Suck.

Molly said...

blake lewis looks like this dude who used to date/hang out with/stalk my old-old roommate in LA... i hated that guy passionately. he was so annoying. this guy looks just like him, from his spikey hair to his shoes. i think my roommate's stalker liked trance music or something. and he used to wear upside down visors like it wasn't stupid. he used to barge in my room at 3am and jump on the bed to get me to party with them all. i had a regular job. in the morning. HATED that guy.

don't hate blake lewis at all, though. a little annoying. but i re-watched his audition and he can sing pretty decently... a little affected though.

i like Daughtrylite, or Chris 2.0, with the baby daughter... i like him OK. and i like pretty much all of the guys...

I heart Lakisha. <3

She almost made me cry.

And yes, I am fully aware that I am a lame-o.