Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's happening in Michigan?

Oh, hello there! Glad you stopped by! What's that you say? What's happening in Michigan? Oh, you know, the usual. Rich people are wasting their time the best way they know how, Some lady is still missing, Let's see here...what else...OH - and A guy sodomized a dead dog. I'm sorry, did you not catch that last one? SOME DUDE SODOMIZED A DOG THAT HAD BEEN DEAD FOR A WEEK RIGHT OUTSIDE OF A DAY CARE CENTER. Just when I thought Michigan couldn't get anymore awesome, something like this happens and reminds me of why I'm so proud to live in glove-shaped, dog-rapin' Michigan.

via Boing Boing


Molly said...

that is the sickest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Brian promised me he would stop doing that. I really do apologize for that guys. I'll talk to him.

- Andrea

nic said...

Oh my ol' home town area of the tri-cities. Disgusting!