Monday, February 19, 2007

Today is President's Fugly Day!

Today, I urge all celebrities to follow the example of Charlize Theron. Has there been a look you've been dying to try? Do you want to dye your hair pink, wear fur, or just leave your house wearing nothing but crocs and pore minimizing mask? Fucking do it, because today is the only day that you can get away with it. Even when you look like this:

Yes, normally radiant Charlize Theron, even when you look like this...people will say, " least she didn't shave her head!". So go crazy, celebrities! Let's see what you got! Normally the more fabulous twin, Ashley Olsen tries something different, and by different I mean a pinkish fur coat:

ALL TOGETHER NOW: "At least she didn't shave her head!"

Charlize Source, Olsen Source.

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