Wednesday, February 7, 2007

To boycott or not to boycott...

According to Page Six, the sex tape in which Ray J (Brandy's brother) pees on Kim Kardashian (Some dumb bitch that is friends with Paris Hilton) is real (click here for the trailer, needless to say NSFW), and will be released on Feb. 28 under the title "Kim Kardashian Superstar". I can only hope that this porn is a spoof on Jesus Christ Superstar, filled with singing and urination. When Kim's rep was asked for comment, he said:

"Are you [bleep]ing me? Kim is going to die . . . are you sure?" Later, he added, "She will be taking legal action against anyone responsible for this. She was unaware of this and caught completely off-guard."

Smooooth. My question is to all of you boycotting all things Paris Hilton. Due to her recent use of the "N" and the "F"'s, GLAAD has been all up on P-Hilton, demanding an apology. GLAAD President and ruler of the gays, Neil G. Giuliano, is all like:

“These are not frivolous words, and to use them as if they are gives tacit sanction to the racism and homophobia they engender. Hilton has an obligation to go on the record, explain herself, and publicly apologise to the LGBT and African American communities and all those offended by these slurs.”

MMMMMmmmmhhhhhmmmm! That's right you hateful bitch! I'm offended and I'm not black or gay! Literally, anyway. I'm both in my heart. But, I digress.

I'm all for a boycott of this bitch, but I would really like to see her BFF getting a nice yellow stream in the face. I can only hope that Ray J was taking Urigro, and knocks her out with a pee forceful like a firehose:

I vote to boycott all things Paris (excluding this sex tape) including PEREZ HILTON. We all know how I feel about that asshole, and the fact that he was calling for Isaiah Washington's head when he uttered the hateful "F" is merely icing on the cake. I'm done with him, and all I want to know is...who's coming with me???

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