Friday, February 9, 2007

This season of ANTM promises to be as riveting as the previous...12?

In the wake of the loss of a National Hero, we here at TGG will give some long overdue respect to the late Anna Nicole Smith. We will do this by not reporting on the gruesome details of her death, including posting videos of her being given CPR, like some other blogs are doing. After seeing nothing but Anna Nicole plastered all over every media outlet last night, and after watching countless "exclusive" interviews with everyone from Larry Birkhead to some gay fanboy of Anna's, we're gonna go ahead and assume that if you are really looking for any info on Anna, it will not be that big of a challenge to find it.

That being said, we hope that you do come here...for all things NOT Anna Nicole. There is still a lot of great shit going on in the world here, people! Have we forgotten about the upcoming premiere of America's Next Top Model Cycle...Eleventy? It is rapidly approaching! Only T-Minus 19 Days until we can sit back and gracefully chuckle at all the skinny ass bitches (and 2 fatties) parading around on our television sets. Can't wait that long to see what kind of stupid shit these ho's are going to be fighting about? Well, by some miracle of God, a 30 second clip of the new season has appeared on YouTube:

I envy women who can pull off a massive, earth shattering belch. But I would probably cut a bitch who told me to curb my burps on camera. This season looks great, even if they have a friggin' tranny as a contestant (which would be totally fine if it was, in fact, a real tranny. The fact that the "girl" in question, is most likely an actual girl, and not a tranny is just plain misleading and disappointing).

So, if you need a break from all of the rambling clips of Anna Nicole, the conspiracy theories, the interviews with the pet psychic that is telling you how Anna's dog is dealing with her head on over to Two Girls and a Gay, and tell your friends to do the same! And if you want a complete run down of all the girls on the upcoming season of ANTM, get on over to FourFour.

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