Monday, February 5, 2007

The Super Bowl or The football and festivities that surrounded Prince.

My sweet Prince did not disappoint last night. I was thoroughly pleased at his performance, and really happy that he played "Baby I'm a Star" (while it is one of his big hits, I wasn't expecting him to play it last night)! I was also pleased that he played through the rain! Did anyone else worry that he would either be electrocuted, or that he would just say that he wasn't going to do it, as I'm sure the Purple One does not like to get wet. The rest of the game/commercials/crap can be summed up perfectly by this picture of Andy Roddick:

Uh...I guess it was okay? I mean...sure? That's what I'm supposed to say, right?

A couple of the commercials were sort of cute, and while the Bears lost, they did have that amazing punt return (is that what it is called? I'm a girl, I don't usually watch football) as the first play of the game. They win the style award for that, hands down. As for snacking, I was pleased to have snacked on wings, bumpy cake, and beer. I was even more pleased to watch the game on a nice HD TV that I will soon break into my friend's house and steal. How did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday? I hope to hear lots of stories about how you dudes got so drunk and "accidentally" made out with your dude-friends, and then did something manly, like in the Snickers commercial, in the comments!


Anne said...

Eff a buncha football. I watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!

Andrea said...

I watched myself paint my kitchen cabinets. Football blows. I did catch prince and he rocked my world as he always does. It was a little spoiled for me because Prince's play list was revealed on Mojo in the Morning.