Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sometimes I'm scared of you

Armed with a chihuahua, lighter, credit card, and a journal - Britney has taken it to the streets. If you are in the LA area, lock up your children, take a sick day, don't let the dog out...protect yourself from the wigged madness of Britney Jean Spears. Britney has apparently attempted suicide twice, first by trying to walk into oncoming traffic, and then by threatening to take a bunch of pills. X17 is reporting that Britney took off the gloves, and the wig, and rolled up to K-Fed's house last night:

She really should rock the bald look a bit more. Bitch looks much more dangerous and fueled by rage when she is bald. She attempted to reach Kevin Federline thrice at his home, but to no avail. Then she turned her rage on the paparazzi, grabbing an umbrella and hitting their car.

Perhaps Britney wants to talk to Kevin about the emergency custody hearing he has called, that is scheduled to take place today. Kevin, I would be careful about how you handle this, man. Britney's rage is off the radar right now, and she could probably destroy you in a moments time. Is anyone else as terrified of Britney as I am right now? Maybe all she needs is time...and a straight jacket.


Molly said...

i kind of like the bald look on her [/scared for myself.]

better than the ratty, cheesy extensions she had before.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell are her children while all this is going on? He kid is 5 months old, why is she never with him? I hope her kids get taken away from her. She is a fucking terrible mother.