Friday, February 9, 2007

Sienna Miller: Ho or Not-A-Ho?

With all of the recent going-ons, I almost forgot about our new Friday feature! Last week, you fuckers set me straight, and I have accepted that Jeremy Piven is in fact a Douche, contrary to what I previously believed. So, thank you, dear readers. I have often asked myself where I would be without your knowledge. And while I figure that the answer would be "The same place I am now, face down in a gutter somewhere, being kicked by a homeless man, but luckily stealing the wi-fi connection from the Burger King I am lying half-unconscious outside of", I do like these little games we without further adieu:


Her middle name is Rose. HO

She got to bone Jude Law, and then he cheated on her ass. Not-A-Ho

She is constantly talking about how she doesn't want to be famous, all the while...trying to be famous. HO

But then when I see clips of her such as this one of her on The Daily Show, I can't help but wonder if she is just a misunderstood ho. Not-A-Ho

I don't know what to think here, y'all. Is she a real-life Ho? Or just a misunderstood British chick, and therefore Not-A-Ho? Help me figure this one out, in the comments. And please leave your suggestions for next week's _______ or not-a-_________ either in the comments, or email them to me at I'm thinking next week might be "50 Cent: Gay or Not-A-Gay" unless I get something better.


Anonymous said...


Holley said...

I'm voting "HO"

Anne said...

Perez hates her, which makes me want to like her. Plus, she was awfully cute on the Daily Show.

I'm voting a tentative notaho.

ray said...

id say she is more of douche than a ho. either way she sucks.

C. Elise said...

there's a part of me that likes her and really wants to say NOT-A-HO but really, let's face it: HO.

Megan said...

i still feel bad for her for the whole jude law thing, so not-a-ho. but then again they did get back together for a hot minute, and she let that happen so....HO. ugh i will have to see factory girl before I make a final.

Mindy said...

She's a very poorly dressed ho. HO.