Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Paris Hilton is Gorgeous

My god, she is almost too immaculate for words. Paris Hilton was busted last night for driving on a suspended license. Paris was speeding with the headlights off in her $200K Bentley around 10:30pm when she was stopped by police. The cops found out she had a suspended license and promptly towed her car away. In Paris' defense, she probably thought her lights were on because the orange glow radiating from her skin gave off an amount of light equal to that of a nuclear fallout. Sometimes there is a beauty that is just too much for this world, and that beauty is Paris Hilton.



Mindy said...

Why the EFF can't these stupid rich people just hire a driver for a while? It's not that hard! said...

She'd have to go to the jail some months.