Friday, February 16, 2007

The only Anna Nicole News I care about

Last night, I was at the bar talking to some of the Detroit Derby Girls. While I very interested in their stories of ass kicking and drinking, something on the TV caught my eye. "Oh God," I thought, "Not more of this fucking Anna Nicole Shit...". But then I saw something that changed the way I thought about the whole thing. Okay, not really, I still think it's a bunch of annoying bullshit that needs to stop immediately (Can I get a paternity test so this madness can finally end? I was tired of hearing about it before she died...). BUT...have you seen the cranium of the guy who did the autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith? His name is Dr. Joshua Perper, and man...he's got a fucked up skull:

And here's another look at it:

Jesus! That is what his head really looks like! He reminds me a bit of Micheal J. Anderson. You know, the midget from Twin Peaks! Only less awesome, of course. That's all I got on this one. The dude that did the autopsy on Anna Nicole has a really messed up head. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

You need a big brain to dissect people. That's what I heard.

Anonymous said...

Here's why: