Thursday, February 1, 2007


In a rare post after 5:00PM (EST), I bring you the TRAILER for THE VIDEO for Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around...Comes Around". Yeah, you heard me. This video is so totally sweet, you can't handle it all at once. Therefore, the nice folks at Jive Records are giving you a trailer first, to lighten the devisating blow of pure shock and awe from the sheer awesomeness and brilliance that this video will be.


Did you go watch it??? Can you imagine how sweet this video is going to be??? There's one of those old-fangled microphones in it! I got my video pre-ordered on itunes! Also, can I suggest that Scarlett Johanson only act in music videos from now on? She is a much better video ho-fessional than actress, let's be honest here. All those acting nominations she has...are for her titties. There, I said it! Now is the perfect time for everyone to stop lying. We'll all just say how amazing she was in the video, and maybe she'll just stay in thse "short movies where she doesn't talk".

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