Friday, February 2, 2007

More of Puffy's twins.

If my husband/boyfriend/partner did this before/during/or after I was giving birth to twins, I would tear out his throat with my teeth. YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE, PUFFY? I'VE GOT TWO SLIMY NEWBORNS CLAWING THEIR WAY OUT OF MY VAGINA, AND YOU ARE WEARING A HAIRNET AND POSING FOR THE CAMERA?!?!? You know Kim Porter is thinking the same thing...

But look at how unbelievably cute those two slimy newborns turned out to be:

Jesus Christ, the one on the left is smiling...SMILING!!! So.Cute.It.Hurts.


Jellybean Sunshine said...

woah, what large hands they have!

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