Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Limit 2

Here are the cutest kids in the world. Zaraha better watch out, Shiloh's about to jack that cracker! Why is it that Brad and Angelina only take 2 kids out at a time? I understand there are only 2 parents, and 2 seats in the stroller, but what do they do with the 3rd kid, and how do they choose which 2 will be released from the dungeon and paraded around for the day? We rarely see them as one big family, and it looks like it's Maddox's turn to feed the rats in the basement this week. Good luck, Maddox - you will always be my favorite, next to Shiloh and Zahara, of course.


Molly said...

why doesn't shiloh ever get her own crackers? it's not fair!

Anonymous said...

Shiloh is so much cooler that Suri. Look at Shiloh, she is so bad ass she already has scabs on her face. I wonder if that was the aftermath of a swift punch in the face for being so gd cute!?!?

- Andrea