Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm Fat, and it's Tuesday!

I have a group of friends who, to my absolute delight, introduced me to their way of celebrating the greatest "holiday" of all time: Fat Tuesday. Traditionally, Fat Tuesday is a celebration just before Lent - or that's what they tell me, and by they, I mean Wikipedia. I'm not Catholic, and I don't live in New Orleans, so I never really paid much attention to this holiday. Then my friends taught me their way of celebrating. Basically, you just eat a bunch of food. It's called I'm Fat, and it's Tuesday!, and it is the one day that all of us should feel free to indulge in whatever our little hearts desire, and not worry about it! This logic works for me, because I like food. Today I've already had 3 large pizzas, a gallon of ice cream, 16 girl scout cookies, and a Big Mac. I feel like one of the fat babies on Maury, but I'm not worried! Enjoy your Fat Tuesday, everyone!

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