Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How does Josh Hartnett celebrate Black History Month?

By making a black man push a cart with one suitcase on it around for him at the airport, obvs. You can't push that cart yourself, Hartnett? Better yet, you can't CARRY YOUR ONE BAG? Not even in FEBRUARY??? Josh Hartnett is banned from celebrating Fat Tuesday. Yeah, I just made that call.



Jo said...

Hold on there... it's the guy's job. Josh didn't make him. So what should he do; push the trolley himself and do the guy out of a job? Also in other pics you'll see Josh and the airport worker chatting away; hardly racist behaviour!

Anonymous said...

Josh is a racist. Josh was probably asking the colored man to refer to him as 'Boss Man'. No thai for Josh tonight.

- Andrea

Steve said...

Isn't that the weather man from the Today Show pushing the cart?

Anonymous said...

You dumb CU#T!