Thursday, February 8, 2007

He should have hired Blaine


Michael Jackson. Where do you even begin when talking about this guy? It's really quite sad, in my opinion, what has happened to him. That being said...I really don't care to hear him sing or see him perform ever again. That window is closed, Michael. So sorry. But...Michael begs to differ, and has enlisted Simon Fuller to help him revive his career. In the understatement of the century, a Source has stated:

“Simon is excited by the challenge. It’s like nothing he has tackled before.”

Yes, I will go out on a limb and say that attempting to revive the career of an accused child molester (i said ACCUSED, bitches...), who is black, but looks paler than me (which is no small feat, indeed. I'm almost see-through, y'all. Look at my picture on the right!), and who has a nose that is literally about to implode...would be a wee-bit difficult. Let's hope Fuller puts him on this season of American Idol. Seeing Michael perform would definitely warm the hearts of all Americans. Hearing Michael criticize the singing youths of America...telling all the 16 year old boys on the show that they need to push a little harder, wouldn't terrify children and parents at all...I just hope Michael guest judges with a little albino monkey on his shoulder. Just because it would make me laugh. You know he has one, and I'm sure that monkey is angry.

Let's look at one of the last times Michael creeped me out with his singing/performing, and made me wish that I was, in fact, alone.

UUuuughhghh...Creepy Naked Michael. Wow...that is pretty scary, but I think I found something a bit worse. PLEASE watch this...



Anonymous said...


I couldn't even watch the whole thing.


Tiny said...

If I wasn't alone before watching that, I am now.

Anonymous said...

You will never stop Michael Jackson. He is the king of pop rock & soul.He is out sold elvis and those beatle bugs. Why do you nor the media talk about phil(accussed murderer) specter, woody (married my daughter screwing sine age 9- according to mia farrow) allen. Hollywierd is the hub of homo pedos and crime. the trick is to blame innocent people while you promote and protect the real perversion.