Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Girl #1's thoughts on Karl Lagerfeld

Every time I see Karl Lagerfeld (pictured above with Chan Marshall of Cat Power), I don't just puke a little in my mouth...I full-on violently spew, but somehow manage to keep it all in my mouth. It's really difficult. I have to keep my trap shut ever so tightly, so no spew will come trickling out...because I'm usually at work on the computer when I see him, and I can't just go puking everywhere. So then, I have to swallow all of the chunks that are in my mouth...which usually makes me puke more, and I go through this about 4-5 times before I realize that all I have to do is close the browser, and I won't have to look at him anymore. I also think a little piece of me dies each time I see him, but that's another story. What is wrong with this guy? And why is the fucker always wearing sunglasses? I think that he is a walking Pez dispenser, and until he dies and we can crank back his head to get the candy, it is coming out of the sockets where his eyes used to be. So he can't just go around without his sunglasses on, because everyone would be coming up to him, asking for Pez. Well played, Lagerfeld. However, I may puke less if I saw little rectangular candy coming from where your eyes used to be. Especially if it was cherry flavored.

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