Monday, February 26, 2007

The Gay's Guide to good Boob Tube.

April 1st will be the premier of Jonathon Rhys Meyers "Tudors" on Showtime. The show is about King Henry the VIII...aka the King with the schlong that wouldn't quit. I hope to god this is like Melrose Place set back in the day. Jonathon is so hot with his sultry lips's a preview:

April 8th will be the return of Entourage! I love this show for the simple fact, that I strive to be Llyod. I want to be the assistant to a hot Jewish agent that demeans me everyday. I can take it all like a little submissive Asian geisha (currently available for singles and parties..e-mail me for day rates).

Before Entourage, we will finally get the end to the Sopranos. Seriously, way to drag out a show. The last couple of eps have left a lot to be desired. So for the love of god, please just end this show or keep it going. No more stalling...or this gay will shoot you all.


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