Friday, February 16, 2007

Everybody's working for the weekend...

Here I was, at my desk, drinking a beer and putting together a cart that will hold the toilet paper in the women's bathroom (true story) when all of a sudden I thought, "Hey! It's been 5 minutes...why don't I check the blogs!" and lo and behold...a TRUE GEM of gossip appeared faster that one could throw on a bikini and head out to 'da club. Apparently, Britney Spears checked into rehab! TMZ reports that Britney checked into a clinic in Antigua 2 days ago (2-DAYS-AGO? Come on bad friends of Britney's! Where were y'all with the leak on that one? It would have been the perfect Valentine's Day present to me!) but then she took a look around, gave the figurative "Nah, Brah..." and turned around and left. So, she was in, now she is out. Way to go, Britney. Rehab is for pussies, anyway.

If this story develops over the weekend, I will do my darndest to cover it for you, as I'm sure you will come here for the story, first. Right guys? Right...??? I'll work for the weekend for you guys! Maybe...It's hard to say actually. I may be too drunk or lazy to do that...I guess you'll have to come here and check! I think Britney's dress (above) is made from the red leather pants of Loverboy (below):

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