Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Don't Judge Britney!

Everyone's getting all fired up today about the pictures of Britney Spears in a bikini partying in NYC:

And matching cats with a go-go dancer:

Listen y'all. Before you go judging her, let me ask you one thing...Is you a bit jealous? When is the last time that you successfully matched cats with a go-go dancer? Hhhmmmmmm??? And furthermore, Britney is in New York City, where it is brutally hot all year round. I heard it was like 100 degrees there, and perfect weather for going out on the town in your bikini, so just lay off, aiight? And even if there was actually snow on the ground and even if it is actually freezing there...it's never cold in the burning hot, child-rearing heart of Britney Spears. So cool out, haters. All you Britney supporters should wear your bikini to work tomorrow, in honor of Ms. Britney Jean Spears. It would give the flower delivery guy something to look at, at least.

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