Monday, February 19, 2007

Didn't she almost have it all? come the wigs! For her first wig, Britney chose a short and simple bob a la Florence Henderson or Hilary Clinton. Way to explode onto the singles scene with your new look, Britney. All the single dudes will want to bone you, now that you look like a Brady. But, even a Brady is better than Baldy McCrazy on the right.


Where does one even begin with this? In true "leave me alone, y'all!" form, Britney was seen twirling all over LA this weekend, heading to a birthday party at the Roxy, only to leave 45 minutes later and head over to some other bar. The salon owner of the shop where Britney shaved her head has taken her hair, and it is up on ebay for over $1 million dollars right now.

WKQI-FM in Detroit had an interview with some chick named Emily who was at the tattoo shop when Britney got her tattoos. She knocked the rumors that Britney's sweatshirt was stained with tears when she arrived at the shop, and also said that Britney never said she spilled Nyquil on her handbag. She said that Britney was like a "normal person getting a tattoo" and that she was "kinda cute" and that she was singing to get through the pain of the experience. LAME. I still will continue to believe the memories that I've created in my head. Like how Britney stomped into the hair salon, demanded to have her children eat the hair off her head, and that the "lips" that she got tattooed on her wrist were actually labias. That's how I will always remember this special weekend.

Let's start placing bets on what wig Britney will wear next. You know she's still got that pink mess that she used to wear lying around somewhere...but I'm sure she will have a wide selection of wigs to choose from. Britney has been dreaming of this moment ever since Samantha got cancer on Sex and the City, y'all. She's always totally thought she was a Samantha...



Anonymous said...

Britney is a douche. She should just kill herself and get it over with.

Anne said...

Maybe she'll buy some Ken Paves wigs!