Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Britney Lost the Jew

Isn't she lovely, everyone? Britney Spears carefully selects a pink, but not too pink outfit to parade around in. This outfit screams, "Sure I may have just been dumped by my Jewish model boyfriend, you may have heard that I've been snorting my way into parties as of late, and you may also have heard that I was looking all trashy in New York recently, going on about how old 24 is, or about me getting my gay on, BUT LOOK AT MY PINK OUTFIT Y'ALLS! AREN'T I JUST TOO CUTE?!?!"

To answer your question, Britney, are not too cute. You are too-a lot of things-but cute is not one of them. And Britney and Isaac do not get a break up song. You have to be together for more than 5 minutes to get such an honor.

1 comment:

Becca said...

There are lots of things wrong with this picture...BUT wearing mostly pink clothes and then bright red lipstick has to be at the top of that list!!!