Friday, February 16, 2007

Blue States Lose

In those rare times that you are too tired of looking for internet porn, or can't find anything you haven't already heard about Anna Nicole Smith, have you had the displeasure of stumbling upon the following websites:

The Cobrasnake
Last Night's Party
The Misshapes

NO? I didn't either until I started this damn blog. Now, I've looked into the face of the devil, and he is a sweaty, ironic-T wearing hipster at some shitty party. Thank God Gawker does its Blue States Lose feature every Friday. Alex Blagg from Best Week Ever takes a huge one for the team every week by sorting through these pictures, and then carefully selecting a top 10 to make fun of. Sounds simple, but believe me...if you go to those sites and don't want to staple your eyes closed within 5 seconds, you may not be human. The Blue States Lose feature is a nice amuse bouche before I start drinking myself into my regularly scheduled weekend coma. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, what the shit was that?