Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Black Snake Awesome.

If you have not seen the trailer for Black Snake Moan yet, I beg of you to watch below. Beware, the sheer awesomeness of this movie may be too much to handle before lunch, you might want to come back to this one later...

Okay, so now you know that this movie is about some ho, played by Christina Ricci, who gets chained to a radiator by a black man, Samuel L. Jackson, who wants to teach her how to love herself (possibly in front of him, while being chained to the radiator...HOT!). Here is Christina Ricci at the premiere of Black Snake Moan:

Okay, you're not looking half-bad, Christina Ricci. But let's look at how Samuel L. Jackson rolled up to the premiere:

I think Samuel L. has a better idea of how to relate to the types of people that will go see the movie. Christina Ricci is out promoting this movie, trying to convince people that it is going to be legitimately good, while Samuel L. clearly knows that the only people who are going to see this movie are people like me, who appreciate a man dressed like that, and who also think that it is insanely awesome that there is a movie about a slut chained to a radiator by a black man. The movie comes out this Friday...all I wanna know is...who's coming with me???


Molly said...

genius. that is all.

hey, did you see the footage of anna nicole smith in freakin' clown paint talking to a doll in a baby carriage with that lawyer asshole making fun of her? duuuuude. check it out. i saw it on the superficial.com.

loves, me.

Anonymous said...

Any movie about a girl chained to a radiator in her britches is alright with me.

- Andrea