Friday, February 2, 2007

Best way to start Valentines Day Month is with a breakup

I think it had something to do with that dress...

Alanis Morissette & Ryan Reynolds is done. A joint statement from the reps of the former couple reads:

"Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette have mutually decided to end their engagement. They remain close friends and continue to have the utmost love and admiration for each other. They ask that their privacy be respected surrounding this personal matter."

My God. And in February no less. Peter Cetera, tell them what it be like:

P.S. It really helps if you read these breakup posts as the video is playing. Then, after you've wiped away the tears that surely come after any celebrity couple calls it quits, you can watch the video again, and remember all the good times you had reading about them. Just a suggestion, though.

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Anne said...

FINALLY! He is way to hot for her.