Monday, February 12, 2007

Behold: The Greatest Video of All Time!

Last Friday, the highly anticipated new video from Justin Timberlake hit the internets, and after seeing Justin & Scarlett licking each other's faces for almost 10 minutes...the world will never be the same. Who would have thought that it would take so long to tell the intricate tale of "Boy meets ho in some fire-wielding club. Ho and boy make out a lot. After ho reveals her bi-curious ways, ho makes out with boy's bff. Ho gets killed in a car accident." I also think that it is a bit...extreme, perhaps, that what came around for the ho after cheating was that she was straight up killed. I mean, that sucks for the guy that his girlfriend of two weeks cheated on him, but I ask you, JT, did the ho really have to die? Maybe, instead of dying...she could have gone outside and found a parking ticket on her sweet sports car. That would suck, too! Then Justin could have chased her outside, she would look at him with tear filled eyes, gripping the ticket in her hand, and then they could have made out for another 10 minutes. End Scene. I should be a director. Anyway, all criticism aside, this is the greatest video of all time because they spent a whole lot of money on it. And I think we all know that expensive things are better, always. I'm going to start story-boarding his next video now, it will involve clowns, a ferris wheel, lots of candy, and a moose. It will cost $500 Million, and will be so good that people will literally die after seeing it. Watch for it in '08.

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