Friday, February 9, 2007

Attempt #1 in stopping Posh from becomming Queen of LA

In an attempt to postpone the impending reign of fabulous that Posh is about to impose over all of Los Angeles, the U.S. Government has denied working Visa's to all of Posh & Beck's mantourage. Victoria and David currently have 8 men on staff that "are like uncles" to their 3 sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. All I have to say about this is...Welcome To 'Merica BECKHAMS! I hope your sons like Uncle Sam, because that's the only uncle they will get to know once you move here. And if denying your security staff wasn't enough, The US Government through this little tidbit in, for good measure:

The US authorities will not grant foreigners a work permit if they believe Americans are capable of doing the job.

Ha! Not only are you denied your staff, but you have to hire some sorry ass, wanna be actor to help you walk through the snow:

Enjoy the warm arm of your highly trained security staff, Poshy. If you aren't looking for an "actor" who made his debut on Elimidate to make you feel secure, you will be left to choose between a fine selection of coked up meatheads that like to fight anyone that comes to LA. Ah, I'm sure you and your family feel safer already.


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