Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Appendicitis is the new "calling in sick".

R. Kelly's got a case of the Lohan! The singer has been hospitalized in Miami with appendicitis. How convenient for Kelly, as he will miss a status hearing in his Kiddie Porn case that was scheduled for Wednesday. Also, how convenient that the same day the video release of some other celebrity peeing on someone is announced, R. Kelly is back in the news again. I see your game, R. Kelly...and well played, indeed. Now get better so you can continue your work on the (hopefully) many upcoming chapters of "Trapped in the Closet".



Rodolfo said...

off topic: There's something wrong with your atom feed, it's not working!

ray said...

i did that once. my stomach hurt real bad like and i had a fever and whatnot - so my mom took me to the hospital. the nurse asked me if i even had one, and i said i dont see why i wouldnt. but it turns out i didnt even have an appendix. i learned something new about myself that day.

Mindy said...

wow, what an awesome outfit he's sporting!

Anonymous said...

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