Monday, January 8, 2007

Your Thoughts? & Perez is a douche.

So, there is a scandalous (?) quote from Angelina Jolie in Elle Magazine below. I've bolded & underlined the selection of the interview that Perez Hilton decided to include on his site as a direct quote:

So Angelina clearly loves her two older children, but did she worry she’d feel differently about her biological child? People often seem surprised that she and Maddox are so close, she says. "The world has this opinion about the difference, then you wonder if there is a difference. In fact I found the opposite. I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. In some way they’re strangers because they had this life before me. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born, I have less inclination to feel for her. I have to do the opposite from what I expected! I met my other kids when they were six months, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…"

"Blob?" I suggest as she pauses.

"Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality. The three of them are very funny together, very loud and in each other’s faces. She’s grown up with Zee screaming in her face in the morning! But, yes, I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable."

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Anonymous said...

I think that's a reasonable thing to say. She thought her impulse would be to favor her biological child, but it turns out her impulse has been initially to favor the adopted children. She gives two pretty good explanations why: 1. she feels more sympathy for the difficult first 6 months of the adoptive babies lives; 2. it was easier to bond, initially, with the adoptive babies. Blob may be an unkind word, but a 6 mos. old really does have more of a personality. That all seems fair.

You missed the real story here - she called out madonna's adoption techniques in the same story.