Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oooh baby with a trap like that!

Yeah, I watch American Idol. I watch a lot (A.LOT!) of bad t.v. I usually enjoy watching the first episodes of American Idol, because I'm a dick and like to make fun of these people like the rest of America. The first episode of Season 6 which aired last night, however, left me feeling a bit...strange. How is it that I...being the asshole that I am...actually felt bad for these people? Well, Some of them anyway. Not the ones that butchered Prince, those people can die. But I even felt bad for the ska-hippie with the devil-sticks, and the "rocker" guy who sang Fuel and Abba. What a buzzkill to end the show on. I'm hoping tonight's episode will either A) Feature more good singers than bad (although that tends to bore me) or preferably B) I will be drunk enough to toss any "feelings" or "empathy" i have to the side, and finish out the night in a drunken rage.

If you want to see the Myspace's of some of the idol rejects from last night, or the Myspace of that Shakira wannabe who (with a trap like that) only has a future in soft-core porn, please check out death by camera , they will surely satisfy any and all of your idol desires.

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