Thursday, January 4, 2007

Woody is old.

I love this awkward, awkward little man. Daughter/wife scandal, corduroy pants and close-toed shoes on a beach, could he be any more adorable?


Anonymous said...

this is lame. you should stop posting.

Anonymous said...

Funny how we NEVER hear any child molestation quips about this accused PEDO. That asian woman is his step daughter(according to Mia Farrow from the 1993 court trial) who he started raping when she was a 9 yr old child. Yet Michael Jackson(who won the DAMN trial) and O.J. Simpson (who won the trial)are always critcized and always said to criminal.Also what about Marv Albert, Roman Polanzki and of coarse Phil Specter? Is this HYPOCRACY, RACISM or BOTH!