Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why do famous lesbians write like assholes?

Here's a question for all the lady gays...do all lesbians write shitty prose, or is it just the pseduo-famous ones? First, during the whole Trump V. O'Donnell feud, we were introduced to her "style" of writing. Here is an example of how O'Donnell rolls:

u ok mama
yes i said
a little ashamed

she took my hand
it’s ok 2 b big

quoting her favorite todd parr book

the search for clean water in a swamp
journey on

Jesus Christ. For more from O'Donnell, you can check out her blog.

And now, Tammy Lynn Michaels (Who? Oh yeah, Melissa Etheridge's partner.) released a shitty prose statement regarding the Isaiah Washington scandal. She's sticking up for the actor, shittily prosing:

he is not a bad man ...
i forgive his words,
because truth be told
i do not believe
the word
lives in his heart

i don't understand
why you
lesbians choose to write
like this

i barely
consider myself a writer
and don't
use punctuation,
or follow any
of the standard
rules of the
but writing like this
does not make
your words
a deeper meaning
or make you seem smart

it only
makes you seem like an

and when i read it
in my head
i have to
at the end
of each
shitty line
and that
enrages me.



Anonymous said...

you poor thing.

don't you wish more than 10 people and me read your blog?

if you could only write HALF as decent as those shitty lesbians, maybe you'd have more of a life than you do.

try prose. it might help disguise your lack of talent.


nate said...


Anne said...

Oh no she di'nt!

Anonymous said...

Not all lesbians write in that annoying style. Rosie started it, Tammy copied it. (I wonder if Rosie is flattered or annoyed by Tammy ripping off her style.)
More importantly is why Tammy found it necessary/acceptable to defend the hurtful words of Isaiah Washington. Gays get enough painful zingers from the straight community, do we really need our own saying it's OK to be cruel as long as the words don't actually "live in the heart" ?! Good God Girl, think before you shove that foot in your mouth. I can only imagine how Melissa must cringe over her girlfiends stupity.