Wednesday, January 3, 2007

When did you turn on Beyonce?

Now, even the Oscars are against the bitch. The Oscars believe that only 3 people are able to write a song, and so Beyonce has been removed as a writing credit for the song "Listen". The song is also known as "The Song Beyonce Demanded to be Inserted into the Film, So She Can Prove That She Doesn't Otherwise Completely Blow Ass". This comes as a relief to me, because if the song wins the Oscar, Beyonce would forever be known as an "Oscar Winner", kind of like how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are often credited as Oscar Winners, but it is never mentioned that their Oscars are for writing. Anyhoo, looks like Beyonce won't be winning an Oscar this year (because you know she won't be nominated for Best Actress).

And the hate for Beyonce continues. What happened to our big booty girl, who had us all at "Bootylicious"? Can Beyonce win us back? Beyonce, can you handle this? I will ponder these deep and philosophical questions over a delicious lunch of Pad Thai, and probably never think of it again...


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