Friday, January 19, 2007

What's Happening in Detroit, you ask?

We apologize for interrupting your regularly scheduled celebrity gossip, but from time to time, I feel compelled to share a little bit of news from the fair city of Detroit, MI. I vow to use discretion, and only bring you the finest stories (in moderation, of course) from the (what should stop being referred to as) Motor City.

This is Nathaniel Abraham, the youngest convicted murderer in Michigan. He was 11 years old when he shot a man with a rifle. And he was just released from jail at age 21. He was also the first person in Michigan to be tried as an adult in a serious felony case. At first glance, you think that this child may have been reformed in our penal system. Take a look at this, dare I say, kinda hot? straight-up-murderer at an earlier hearing, before his release:

Now look at him being released from jail:

Oh no...someone should have told him that the look that he is trying to pull off, is not really working in '07. I don't even think it was working in 1997. What would compel someone to re-enter the world trying to big pimp in that way? I'm not saying that he is any more or less reformed because of his choice of attire, I'm merely judging the clothes here. A certain radio personality here in the area was going off about how people in Detroit dress like this, and that it is wrong to make comments about his "freedom attire". I've seen people in Detroit dressed like this, but not ALL people in Detroit dress like this. And I've certainly seen very few 21 year old men dressed like this. That is unless you include the "Pimp and Ho" parties that are ever so popular in the metro Detroit area. Perhaps that's where he was going...

Click Here for more on the story, as well as some video of the release.

Now back to our regularly scheduled gossip...

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Anne said...

I'm thinking pink shoes are not really very practical. How many outfits could he possibly wear them with? And where do you GET pink shoes in prison?