Tuesday, January 2, 2007


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Oh Lordy! Our lovely, Miss Britney Jean never leads a boring life. This yurr Miss Thang was paid a reported 300,000$ to wish ya’ll a Happy New Year at Pure nightclub at Caesers Palace. All was well and dandy until Brit got sick of all the peasants around her. Shortly after her TWO countdowns inside and outside the hotel, it was all downhill after that. There have been two conflicting reports of what occurred…

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The tabloids insist on Miss Spears getting too drunk that she had to be whisked out of the nightclub with the assistance of her friends. Girlfriend couldn’t even walk on her own. She was literally being carried out of the club by her gays. The gayest one of all was heard screaming, “No photos, No Photos, She tiiiiiihred”

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Larry Rudolph claims that Britney is acting like the Mama that she is. Her childrens were along with her and that she was tired from all the flying she doing. So Britney just fell asleep at the club?? Come the eff on. Do you think we are that retarded. Like she’s just gonna pass out at a bumpin’ club. Ya’all must be crazy!!!

Believe what you must…but know this, gays never lie hahahaha

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