Monday, January 29, 2007

The SAG awards was lame.

So, the SAG awards were last night? Did you know that? Me neither. That's because no one cares about the SAG awards. I did watch them, however. And they pretty much were extremely boring, the only reason why I found them mildly enjoyable is because I had a date with a bottle of wine Sunday night, and I killed that by 8:15pm. Here are a few key moments from the SAG's last night. Note, there weren't even enough sweet moments to make a top 5. There were only 3 noteworthy moments last night, and here they be:

Rachel McAdams looked deliciously slutty. DAMN, that's a short dress...

Little Miss Sunshine won for Best Ensemble. I saw this movie this weekend. The first in my attempt to see all of the Oscar nominated films this year. While the movie was cute, I can't believe that little girl was nominated for best supporting actress. Bitch has about 3 lines! Anyway, everyone loves a playful take on the sad bastard family, so this film will probably run away with Oscar gold and be the upset of the year. Anyhoo...Greg Kinnear was way cute and picked up the little girl when they accepted their award:

But then the cuteness soon wore off, as Abigail Breslin struggled with all of her might to hold up the apparently heavy SAG award, and no one would help her. What a great "ensemble", you dicks:

And finally, the best moment of the night had to be when Grey's Anatomy won for Best Dramatic Series. Not because they deserve the award, because they don't. But because Ellen Pompeo was a dumbass, said people weren't there when they standing right behind her, and basically bumbled her way through one of the worst acceptance speeches of all time. I will post the video of this once it is available. Until then, here is her fug ass:

EDIT: Here is the video:

In other weekend news:

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Is Kylie Minogue's boyfriend cheating on her with a lesbot? Dlisted
J-Lo's dad is a effin' Scientologist. TMZ
Julia Roberts' kids need haircuts. Mollygood
Full list of SAG award winners. Like you care. Hollyscoop

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