Thursday, January 11, 2007

Richard Gere likes to trick prostitutes

Richard Gere thinks that if you are going to sex it up for money in India, the dudes that bone you six ways from Sunday should at least wear a condom. He feels so strongly about this, he led a pep rally of 10,000 sex workers in Mumbai, India, getting them to chant his favorite mantra "No Condoms, No Sex!".

That's right Richard Gere! If some dude is gonna put it in my ass, vag, mouth or ear, he better wrap that shit up! I would also like it if they used Fiddy Brand Condoms only please. Do you get the same mental image as I do? Richard Gere standing proudly before 10,000 prostitutes...he's thinking that he's leading them to salvation, they are thinking that this will be the biggest payday of their lives, because Richard Gere is rich, and they probably think he's gonna buy all 10,000 of them. Imagine their disappointment when all they got was a lousy condom. Way to crush the dreams of prostitutes everywhere...AGAIN, Gere.

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