Monday, January 22, 2007

Ravers rule.

I'm so glad this one is coming back. My favorite part about the whole "Rave Scene" was that I was not a part of it, but I was allowed the privilege to sit back and make fun of all of my friends that were. This was always a good time. The old "Duuuuuuddeeee...I'm rooooollllin'...I need a pacifier!" was such an easy way to make fun of someone. And if they weren't sucking on a pacifier, they were grinding their teeth, or brushing their hair, or something equally as ridiculous. So way to bring it back, Britney. But, I hope she knew that she could get a pacifier pretty easily without actually having children. Now all she needs is some huge pants, a glowstick, and hopefully her next album will be some terrible ravy mess.

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