Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Paris Fashion Week

Besides Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham running around looking like goth twins, what else is going on at Paris Fashion Week? Here are some celebrities at the Chanel Haute Couture show:

How to watch a runway show, lesson 1 (featuring Kate Bosworth, Diane Kruger, and Sofia Coppola):

First, with hand gently rested on chin, gaze lovingly down the runway, as if the clothes that are about to make their way down were designed exclusively for you to look at. If you are Sofia Coppola, make sure someone is taking a picture of you.

Second, shift positions ever so slightly, being careful not to bruise your body by equally distributing the weight of your 35lb. frame on your pelvic bone. The loving gaze now turns to judgement, as you would not be caught dead in such trash.

And finally, judgement turns into bordem/hunger, as your delirium from not eating for weeks finally sets in, and you wish that fabulous dress was a hamburger instead.

And apparently, they are now letting crack whores into the fashion shows:

Yeah...the one on the left. Wait, isn't that...

EEEEEEEEE-YIPES! Vanessa Paradis is jacked y'all. And that jacked-up grill gets to have Johnny Depp all up in her. Jealous? Jealous to the point that you would trade your grill for hers? I didn't think so...

And I'll let y'all come up with your own thoughts on this one...I'm at a loss...

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