Thursday, January 4, 2007

O-See Ya to the OC

I dub today, bad puns as headlines day. Bad puns are one of the best things about writing a blog...And they are going to continue to get worse, m' stay tuned!

The O.C. is cancelled. I really liked this show when it started because it reminded me of how sweet 90210 was. Although, I soon found out that The O.C. could never compare to the majesty and wonder that was 90210, so I stopped watching.

The United States, and parents of any child between the ages of 14-19, and anyone who has a friend, who is male between the ages of 14-29 should be on suicide watch. Y'all O.C. fans is crazy. Just take a look:

Ah yes, and all you indie music loving guys were sucked into a show that you otherwise never thought you would watch. You felt could it be that you, a hipster, would love such a trashy show?? Ah yes, because your favorite "indie" bands initially sucked you in, but you stayed because you related with Seth, the dorky, comic AND indie loving music guy who gets the girl. You thought maybe you could get the girl too! Just like Seth! And was cancelled. And you are even more alone then when you began, because instead of going out and meeting girls, you stayed home to watch all the special features on your O.C. DVD!!! And, of course, touching your wang to your T.V. everytime Summer, Marissa, or ESPECIALLY Anna was on the screen. Man, did you want to bone Anna something fierce...Suicide watch, y'all. This shit is about to get real deep. Remember this dude:

He has probably already off'd himself, and I know about 46 more guys just like him. Alls I'm saying is...keep an eye on your friends.


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