Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mandy Fights.

Mandy Moore is all fists and elbows as a fan tries get closer to the star who has made the rather unfortunate decision to bone DJ AM. This picture clearly shows how scrappy Mandy Moore truly can be, and I hope she takes her aggression out on DJ AM on a daily basis. In other Mandy Moore news, the singer has posted a new blog on her myspace, detailing all the fantastic things that she's been doing. Most importantly, this blog has a number you can call and leave a message for Ms. Moore. Oh, you know I called that shit. I will be checking periodically throughout the day to see if my message made it to the blog. Something tells me it won't, as I mentioned something along the lines of DJ AM not being good enough for her, and that he's not appreciating all the "loving that you're feeding to maaeee. Can't do without it, this feeling's got me weak in the knnaaahe" (that's one knee). If you have no idea what the eff I'm talking about, perhaps you should watch this video featuring a young and scrawny Mandy Moore, Vespas, and the kind of saccharine pop dreams are made of. The song, "Candy". The joy one feels when watching it, Overwhelming.

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