Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Kid Rock kicks down door, goes to strip club

In yet another perfect example of how we roll in the D, Kid Rock fucked some shit up on New Years. According to Page Six, Kid Rock got all sorts of wasted, and proceeded to try to fight Tommy Lee. In his attempt, he kicked down a door to a hotel room, only to find a frightened family. In order to rectify the situation, he signed some autographs, then went to blow off some steam (and possibly his load) at the strip club.

This happens all the time in Detroit, so I will venture to say that it is hardly newsworthy. The only difference is, no one wants my autograph, and they generally shoot at you if you try to kick someone's door down. So you're lucky, Kid Rock, that you are "famous". And remember, if you try that shit back home, no one will care if you are famous or not, they will simply shoot you in the face. Better luck next time, Kid.

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