Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Holy Shit...This is awful.

Mandy Moore, why must you disappoint me so? I must admit, it's been downhill since your first hit, Candy, but I've stood by you. Even when you dated Zach Braff, I stood by your ass. And, excited isn't the right word to describe how I felt when I heard you were coming out with a new album, but I was...interested? I guess that's the right word. Well, now that you've put a song from your new album on your myspace, I can say that I am not pleased, and no longer interested in your new album. Way to crush any hope I had for you, Mandy. I guess I can still have hope for you as an actress. For those of you who do not have a borderline creepy obsession with Mandy Moore, allow me to set up a clip from a previous Mandy Moore masterpiece called "Chasing Liberty".

In this scene, Mandy Moore is at some festival in Berlin that looks like a gay-old time. The best part of the clip (and of the film as a whole) starts at 2:45, and hits its peak at 4:10, when Mandy exhibits the difficult task of slow-motion running. ("Excuuuuuuse...mmmmeeeee"). After that, it's pretty much back to a really shitty movie, but that slow-motion running scene really made my cheap theater movie price of $1.50 worth it.

Mandy, if you would only channel the power of slow-motion running into song, I think you could have a winner.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you don't no what you are talking about. You are not a Mandy fan, because, if you were you wouldn't talk about her like that.

Mandy fans are true fans, and i love her song, and so does a lot of Mandy fans i have talked too.

So go listen to the other shit out there.

nate said...

wow, girl #1 is on a roll! that's 2 zing-worthy posts in one day!! keep 'em coming!

Jellybean Sunshine said...

mandy's pics suck ass. as does the song. and anonymous, are you really girl #1?