Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here comes another one

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This is the man that broke up Lance Bass and Reichen for a day. The rotund and obviously huge package belongs to J.P. Calderone. he was on the last season of survior and can currently be seen on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. He is way hotter than lance, I'd hit that too.

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Jellybean Sunshine said...

okay, so this guy went for lance or reichen?

Anonymous said...

I just thought the way the guy from the gay publication came to Janice Dickinson, asking her if they could hire JP Calderone, but only if he was gay was terribly sneaky. Janice had no idea about what JP Calderone's sexual preference was, but the guy obviously did or he was fishing for confirmation. It turns out Calderone is gay. He had the hots for another male model. But he probably didn't want to be outed on national TV.